This project proposes the creation of a consortium of schools of architecture and small to medium sized enterprises activated in the area of digital manufacturing having as main objectives to:
1. Establish an exchange of experiences, information knowledge and expertise regarding the contemporary trends and specific demands of architectural creation between teachers, researchers and enterprises.
2. Enrich the offered architectural design and construction courses with new teaching material, new teaching subjects, new formal aspects, new construction techniques and new teaching and pedagogical strategies.
3. Bring students closer to the real contemporary conditions of architectural production by making seamless the processes of design and manufacturing.
4. Establish an access for students to the production space and a familiarization with the experimentation and research in the industry and the material production.
5. Generate new research inputs from the world of production and materialization to the researchers in the schools of the consortium.
6. Inform the enterprises of the consortium about the research outputs, the themes of the contemporary debate on architecture, the main trends of architectural avant-garde.
7. Bring enterprises closer to their future clients, the students, and facilitate their first step towards a more comprehensive collaboration.
8. Bring back to and inform about the academia and its research potential and achievements practising architects around Europe .
9. Inform practising architects about the latest cutting edge technologies, techniques, components and products available from enterprises.




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