second student workshop

11-16.05.2009, Valles School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain

Brief  In the second workshop students had not prepared any material upon arrival at Vallés School of Architecture, where they worked for a week in May 2009. The brief suggested a canopy made out of fabric, wires, metal and cardboard or aluminum tubes. Lectures on the theoretical background of textile architecture (minimal surfaces, dynamic relaxation, finite elements analysis etc) and seminars on software for the form finding and structural analysis and behaviour of textiles structures were followed by studio work and tutorials. The ideas and models were then transformed into ‘materialisable’ files, which where ‘sent’ to the two partner textile factories in Girona. The students in close collaboration with the industrial partners cut, glued, welded, sawed and assembled the three canopies they designed. Tents and Digital Fabrication

Videos from visits to partner enterprises: Oxiterri VisitTP Arquitectura Visit

Student Projects Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3


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